Saturday, 1 August 2009

Quick Blog Promotion !

Are you in a hurry for a blog to quickly promote your business! So what is the option that you have for a personalized blog that will differentiate yours from others (so you won't stumble upon other blogs that look just like yours!)?

Well, I have the answer for sure and this is what going to happen.

1. Choose a suitable name for your blog eg.
2. State your business name and a bit of description about it.
3. What info would you like to include in the Menu Tab eg About Your Business, Price, Your Contact No etc
4. 2 colors of your choice as the blog theme colors.
5. Do you want it in Bahasa Melayu or English ?

On top of these, I would also :
1. Sign up a gmail account for you(if you don't already have).
2. Register the blogger account using your gmail account.
3. Create the categories and subcategories accordingly.
3. Create a personalized header on the top of your blog.
4. Create a banner so you exchange and display on other blogs.
5. Add chat box so you can talk to your customers.
6. Add traffic monitoring gadget.
7. Add Subscribe Me widget.

And all of these for only RM 150!

Terms and conditions :
1. If you are interested with this offer, please email me all the requested info at I will contact you to confirm on your order and info.
3. Before any designing work started, you will need to pay the fee to my Maybank or CIMB account.
4. When the payment has been done and proved, I will proceed with the work.

How the process is done :
1. When the payment has been done, I will start the work and come out with the first draft.
2. You will have to review the draft and give feedbacks.
3. I will edit the draft accordingly and deliver the final result.

Once the blog has been delivered, you can continue inserting your business info and start promoting!

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Come on, your blog is just an email away! Act now!

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